Best camera flash for portrait photography: 6 models tested and rated

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    Lencarta Safari Li-on Ringflash Kit

    Best camera flash for portrait photography: Lencarta Safari Li-on Ringflash kit

    Price: £850, $1377
    Buy it:

    Aimed primarily at portraiture pros, the Safari kit has been updated to include a Li-on battery pack, which can supply power for two flash heads (including regular Safari flash heads) and is just light enough to sling over a shoulder.

    The ring flash head itself retails at £200. It has no built-in power facility, but it’s blissfully lightweight and mounts to the camera via a simple bracket.

    Build quality is excellent, and the power for the 600Ws ring flash head is fully adjustable between fairly low and blinding via a rotary knob. There’s also a flash diffuser and shoulder bag supplied.

    Pros… The most powerful in the group, and great for outdoors
    Cons… Costly, but well priced compared with other pro systems
    WE say… When you need real power, this is a great buy

    Score: 5/5

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