Best camera flash for portrait photography: 6 models tested and rated

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    Bowens Ringlite Converter

    Best camera flash for portrait photography: Bowens Ringlite Converter

    Price: £291, $349
    Buy it:

    The Bowens converter feels every inch a pro piece of kit. It comes with two mounting brackets, one or both of which need to be attached (for landscape or portrait orientation shooting respectively), when fixed to a Bowens studio flash head.

    For true mobility, you’ll also need a Bowens Travelpak rechargeable battery, which costs a further £500/$600.

    The system is quite fiddly to set up, and the modelling lamp needs to be removed from the flash head before attaching the converter. It’s possible to handhold the assembly, with camera, but at around 6.3kg it’s uncomfortably heavy.

    Pros… Lots of power on tap for indoor and outdoor shooting
    Cons… Heavy. Pricy if you don’t own a Bowens studio flash head
    WE SAY… Works well, but you’ll need strong arms or a tripod

    Score: 3/5

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