Best camera flash for portrait photography: 6 models tested and rated

Best camera flash for portrait photography: Lencarta Safari Li-on Ringflash kit

Orbis Ringflash

Best camera flash for portrait photography: Orbis Ringflash

Price: £181, $175
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The Orbis Ringflash mounts directly onto your flashgun. The mounting aperture is pretty much universal.

You hold the flashgun with the Orbis attached, and connect it to the camera via a wireless link or remote cable (not supplied).

It’s easy to reposition the Orbis to surround the lens or to use it off-axis. A sturdy optional mounting arm is also available.

Attachment to flashguns isn’t entirely solid, and the connection may need help from some gaffer tape or Velcro strips. Flash power is cut down a little more than with the Ray Flash, but the output is slightly softer and more flattering.

Pros… Lovely quality, works with any camera/flashgun combo
Cons… Needs remote flash cord or wireless trigger (not supplied)
WE say… A superb ring flash adapter at a sensible price

Score: 4/5

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