DIY Photography Hacks: simple studio lights at Ikea prices!

DIY Photography Hacks: simple studio lights at Ikea prices!

Don’t have a lamp? Try a candle

Don't have a lamp? Try a candle

A shot illuminated by a candle makes for a very romantic image. Don’t adjust the white balance, as you want a fairly orangey glow. Use a tripod and an ISO of around 400.

Ask your subject to stay as still as possible to avoid any blur as your shutter speed is likely to be well below 1/30 sec. Under-exposing works better too, otherwise the candle flame may be over-exposed.

Shoot using Aperture Priority (Av) mode and choose your widest aperture (this will be the smallest f-number your lens goes down to, f/3.5 for example).

Holding your exposure compensation button, twist your camera’s dial until it reads -1.0. This is equal to -1 stop of compensation, which should avoid any over-exposure of the candle flame. For perfect results, take two exposures and merge the results in Photoshop.

You can see more on this DIY lighting technique in one of our previous posts.

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