Famous Photographers: 100 things we wish we knew starting out

How to make money from photography: tips for how to supplement your income by doing what you love

Final Photography Tips to Remember!

Famous Photographers: 100 things we wish we knew starting out

“It’s almost impossible to avoid certain clichés, but the best thing is to make sure you don’t consciously imitate what others have done – you learn nothing from this.” – Fran Halsall

“Photograph what interests you and not what you think people will want to see. The more personal the pictures, the stronger they will be.” – Dominic Nahr

“Photography isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, so take your time with it. Things will come together if enough time has been put into them.” – Dominic Nahr

“All subjects are legitimate. Photograph what interests you, and don’t be discouraged by the fact it’s not considered mainstream… yet!” – Simon Butterworth

“Practice using your camera the way you would a musical instrument. When you’re confronted by a once in a lifetime opportunity you’ll be able to handle the pressure.” – Simon Butterworth

“You have to ‘work’ for a good shot. Just holding up your camera and snapping what’s directly in front of you without even bending your knees or standing on tiptoes is the domain of smartphones, not photography.” – Basil Pao

“Try doing what you truly like, what excites and captivates you. The less time you spend on things which bore you, the more you have to spend on what you’re interested in. And the time you can spend on it is vital.” –  Vladimir Medvedev

“Ask yourself, ‘Why am I shooting with these camera settings?'” – Marsel Van Oosten

PAGE 1: Camera gear – and how to use it
PAGE 2: Photo composition tips
PAGE 3: Exposure tips
PAGE 4: Lighting tips
PAGE 5: Tips for managing your photography workflow
PAGE 6: Tips for selling your photos
PAGE 7: Photography tips for shooting in the field
PAGE 8: Final photography tips to remember


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