Famous Photographers: 100 things we wish we knew starting out

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    Tips for Selling Your Photos

    How to make money from photography: tips for how to supplement your income by doing what you love

    “First, your shot has to be clear and exciting, but the artist also has to be easily recognisable – if picture editors can’t clearly see who it is, they won’t buy it. The shot has to be sharp, too, as magazines will often blow images up to A4, so any blur and softness will be painfully visible.” – John McMurtrie

    “It is vital to become a ruthless self-critic; editors need to be astounded by the quality of your work.” – David Clapp

    “Stop hiding behind your inbox and pick up the phone!” – David Clapp

    “There are two ways to success. One is to stick to your own style and adjust it slowly over time, even when people tell you it isn’t good, or whatever. The second is to keep pushing to meet with clients and other photographers you admire to get guidance and make sure that the path you make for yourself is going in the right direction.” – Dominic Nahr

    “In order to sell your product, you have to analyse the competition and think of ways to make people notice you, to do things differently. But the single most important thing in advertising is to keep your message simple and clear.” – Marsel Van Oosten

    PAGE 1: Camera gear – and how to use it
    PAGE 2: Photo composition tips
    PAGE 3: Exposure tips
    PAGE 4: Lighting tips
    PAGE 5: Tips for managing your photography workflow
    PAGE 6: Tips for selling your photos
    PAGE 7: Photography tips for shooting in the field
    PAGE 8: Final photography tips to remember


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