Best Graduated Neutral Density Filters: 6 models tested and rated

Best graduated neutral density filters: Cokin P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit

Five things to look out for when choosing the best graduated neutral density filter

01 Shape
Round, screw-in grads may cost less than larger rectangular or square versions with a dedicated holder; however, they restrict positioning, will only fit lenses of the same filter thread diameter and could produce unwanted vignettes on wide-angle lenses.

02 Neutrality
A good neutral density filter should be just that: neutral. The grey section shouldn’t introduce any noticeable colour casts.

03 Density
If you only buy one graduated neutral density filter, consider how you’ll use it. Too low a density and bright sections may still burn out, but restrict too much light and skies take on an overbearing, leaden appearance.

04 Material
Most filters are now made from optical grade plastic, making them lighter and more shatter-resistant than glass alternatives. They are more prone to scratches, though, so handle with care.

05 Versatility
Check to see what other filters (like polarisers or colour grad) different manufacturers offer before committing to one system.

PAGE 1: Lee Filters Neutral Density Hard Grad Set
PAGE 2: Hitech 100 Series ND Grad Soft Edge Filter Kit
PAGE 3: Cokin Z-PRO ND-Graduated Kit
PAGE 4: Cokin P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit
PAGE 5: SRB-Griturn ND Grad Kit
PAGE 6: Kood P-Type ND Filter Kit
PAGE 7: Five things to look out for when choosing the best graduated neutral density filter


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  • Joaquin de Iturbide

    I bought the z pro kit. The holder has two stoper pegs that makes the first slot all but unusable. Should I remove them ir use the other spots and risk flaring?