Best Graduated Neutral Density Filters: 6 models tested and rated

Best graduated neutral density filters: Cokin P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit

Kood P-Type ND Filter Kit

Best graduated neutral density filters: Kood P-Type ND Filter Kit

Price: £44, $71

With four graduated neutral density filters (two soft and two hard), the Kood kit gives you a reasonable number of options for creating long exposures.

As each filter type only comes in 0.3 and 0.6 densities you won’t be able to block as much light as the other kits, but you could always stack two filters in the holder to restrict more light.

These are also the smallest filters on test at 82mm square, and they do tint the final image with a negligible green cast.

The Kood kit includes the four filters, a P-type holder and an adaptor ring size of your choice, and all for £43, making it exceptionally good value.

Pros… A great value and versatile filter combination
Cons… Minor colour casting and smaller square filter size
We say… New to ND filters? You can’t go wrong with this kit

Score: 5/5

PAGE 1: Lee Filters Neutral Density Hard Grad Set
PAGE 2: Hitech 100 Series ND Grad Soft Edge Filter Kit
PAGE 3: Cokin Z-PRO ND-Graduated Kit
PAGE 4: Cokin P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit
PAGE 5: SRB-Griturn ND Grad Kit
PAGE 6: Kood P-Type ND Filter Kit
PAGE 7: Five things to look out for when choosing the best graduated neutral density filter


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  • Joaquin de Iturbide

    I bought the z pro kit. The holder has two stoper pegs that makes the first slot all but unusable. Should I remove them ir use the other spots and risk flaring?