Best Graduated Neutral Density Filters: 6 models tested and rated

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    Cokin Z-PRO ND-Graduated Kit

    Best graduated neutral density filters: Cokin Z-PRO ND-Graduated Kit

    Price: £135, $300

    Cokin’s Z-PRO filter series is aimed at enthusiast photographers, so you get three filters of a 100x150mm size.

    They’re big enough to cover even ultra-wide lenses with no visible vignetting.

    Densities are the standard 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 grades and are bundled with a Z-Series holder along with a good quality case.

    Optical testing revealed that the filters produced a very small turquoise colour cast, but this was barely noticeable.

    Other niggles include the sharp corners and the greater-than-average rotational slack when positioned in the holder.

    However these are minor quibbles given the overall value of this high-end graduated neutral density filter kit.

    Pros… Useful filter size and good light neutrality
    Cons… Not quite as neutral as the more expensive options
    We say… Proves that large ND grads needn’t cost the earth

    Score: 4/5

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    PAGE 2: Hitech 100 Series ND Grad Soft Edge Filter Kit
    PAGE 3: Cokin Z-PRO ND-Graduated Kit
    PAGE 4: Cokin P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit
    PAGE 5: SRB-Griturn ND Grad Kit
    PAGE 6: Kood P-Type ND Filter Kit
    PAGE 7: Five things to look out for when choosing the best graduated neutral density filter


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