5 quick photo ideas for shooting interiors: give your inside shots a higher ceiling

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    Looking to add variety to your interior photography? Here are 5 simple photo ideas you can try next time you’re shooting indoors.

    5 photo ideas for more interesting interior photography

    When you shoot interior photography your first instinct is probably be to capture a wide-angle shot of the whole building. But if you take the time to walk around and examine different viewpoints, you may discover other compositions which are just as interesting.

    5 photo ideas for more interesting interior photography: frame up

    It’s a frame up
    Look for natural frames for your subjects. The obvious example in a building like this is archways, but here the ‘frame’ is created by the dark floor and pillars either side of the tomb. Normally you’d try to avoid converging verticals, but here they add to the impact.


    5 photo ideas for more interesting interior photography: focus on the details

    Focus on details
    Swap from a wide-angle to a telephoto lens. This lets you concentrate on details like statues. Thanks to the longer focal length, backgrounds go out of focus, and you can make them even more blurred by using a wide lens aperture.


    5 photo ideas for more interesting interior photography: try a fisheye lens

    Fun with fisheyes
    Fisheyes are the ultimate wide-angle lenses, cramming far more into the scene than a regular wide-angle lens, but they produce strong barrel distortion, turning straight lines into curves. It can create striking special effects… just don’t overuse it.


    5 photo ideas for more interesting interior photography: look for reflections

    Time for reflection
    Salisbury cathedral has a large font which is filled to the brim. If you get right up close to the surface of the water, it acts like a mirror, producing a perfect reflection of the columns and beautiful vaulted ceilings beyond.

    Many bigger interiors like cathedrals, museums and government buildings and monuments will have similar features you can incorporate into your compositions for creative effects. But always remember to check whether you need permission to photograph in these buildings.


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