Sky Photography: how to take pictures of the sky that dramatically fill your frame

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    How to cope with dreary skies

    How to cope with dreary skies

    Leaden grey skies are a problem when it comes to adding interest to landscapes, but think in black and white and you’ll be surprised how well your images can turn out.

    To visualise how your sky photography will look in black and white, change the picture style (JPEG shooting mode) to monochrome.

    Even if you’re shooting in raw, the image on the LCD will be shown in black and white, which is great for deciding whether a mono treatment will work.

    Sky photography with some texture in it will look better than one of a continuous tone, giving some shades of grey and tonal differentiation.

    The contrast of a mono shot can also be enhanced in Photoshop by going to Image>Adjustments>Black and White and adjusting the colour sliders.

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