Professional Photographer to the Rescue: close-up photography tips you can trust

Professional Photographer to the Rescue: close-up photography

Shot of the Day

Shot of the Day

After a day spent in Studley Grange’s butterfly house, Heather and Julie retired to the café to choose their favourite pictures of the day and reflect on what new skills Julie had learned…

Julie says
It was a great day, and I feel I’ve learned so much from it. At first, I think I was a little tentative about getting up close to the subjects, but Heather showed me how much impact you can have by filling the frame.

She also explained how to control the very shallow depth of field, and how to pay attention to the background so that it complements a subject. Towards the end of the day I took a series of shots of an owl butterfly feeding, and I’m amazed at the detail. I also followed one of Heather’s golden rules – don’t crop off the antennae!

Heather says
I was really impressed with the progress Julie made through the day. She understood what I was trying to explain to her and by the end she was starting to find and compose her own images without any help from me. The best shots of the day really surprised her, I think, because she said she wouldn’t have thought of attempting them before her training.

Her best image was taken from the side, and perfectly captures the head and proboscis of a butterfly feeding on an orange. Precise focusing is essential when you get as close to your subject as this, and Julie got it just right.

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