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    Make the most of your available background

    How much backdrop do you need?

    How much backdrop do you need?
    You need a large expanse of backdrop for full-length portraits, and the sides of industrial units are great for giving you the wash of colour you need.

    But with head-and-shoulder shots you can make do with much smaller areas of colour or texture.

    How much backdrop do you need?

    If you find an area you want to use as a background and there is not much of it, shoot from further back with a longer telephoto zoom setting so that even a small door or bin lid will fill the frame.


    Soften the background with a wide aperture

    Soften the background with a wide aperture
    Makes sure your subject is positioned a few feet in front of the backdrop, and use the widest aperture your lens allows (typically between f/2.8 to f/5.6) in Av mode.

    Soften the background with a wide aperture

    These two tricks will ensure that the background is slightly unsharp, so the subject stands out. However, it’s essential to ensure you have the lens focused accurately on the person’s eyes.


    How to compose faces

    How to compose faces
    When framing close-up portraits, it is easy to end up with your subject’s head sitting squarely in the centre of the frame.

    It’s better to give your subject room to breathe – and to include more of the beautiful backdrop you have found!

    How to compose faces

    A simple posing trick is to get your model to stand with their shoulders at a 45° angle to the camera and wall, then to turn their head or eyes to face the camera. Leave more space on the side of the frame their body is facing, and less behind them.

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