How to see photos like famous photographers every time you shoot

How to see photos like a famous photographer no matter where you are

Walk around your subject

Where to find the best photo opportunities

Don’t just stand in one spot and zoom in until you’ve got your subject in the frame before taking your shot. Walk around your subject.

This not only creates a different angle, but also, most importantly, changes the foreground and background for an improved composition.

Zoom in on the one patch of blue sky

By removing any foreground you’ll make your subjects more prominent, but by adding more foreground interest your subject is no longer star of the show and will become just another part of your scene.

Try different angles

Both techniques work well, but try both, because one will generally work better than the other for a specific photograph.

PAGE 1: How to simplify a scene
PAGE 2: How to pick out interesting photos
PAGE 3: Where to find the best photo opportunities
PAGE 4: Look for patterns in nature
PAGE 5: Walk around your subject
PAGE 6: Shoot portraits on the street
PAGE 7: Make the most of your available backgrounds


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