How to see photos like famous photographers every time you shoot

How to see photos like a famous photographer no matter where you are

Look for patterns in nature

Look for patterns in nature

Opportunities to shoot plants exist in every town, and it’s not just brightly coloured flowers that make cracking pictures.

Think of your photos as a way of capturing patterns and look closely at trees and plants for interesting options. Even ivy makes great images, especially when converted to black and white.

Look for patterns in nature

This emphasises its vein-filled leaves and natural shape. You don’t need a macro lens either – just zoom right in with your telephoto.

Look for man-made abstracts
Abstract images exist everywhere – you just need to look for them. Even brickwork or bark can look great when tightly composed to show off their contrasting textures and tones.

Look for abstracts

Keep a look out for man-made patterns. Details of buildings work particularly well, so try using your telephoto zoom lens and compose tight shots to create conceptual images from boring office blocks.

Lighting can make all the difference to these shots, so make the effort to go back later if the sun is not co-operating.

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