How to see photos like famous photographers every time you shoot

How to see photos like a famous photographer no matter where you are

Where to find the best photo opportunities

Bring a zoom lens with you

It’s easy to overlook great photo opportunities in your home town simply because you see the same sights all the time, but there are some useful tricks you can use to help you see the picture potential in scenes you’ve walked by hundreds of times before.

It may sound obvious, but because buildings aren’t moveable you need to move to get the best angle. Circumnavigate your chosen subjects from all sides and try to find different heights to discover improved views that will add more impact to your shots.

Look through your camera’s viewfinder each time you find a new angle to see which composition works best.

Also look at scenes through different lenses and different focal lengths, from 18mm on a wide-angle lens to 200mm on a telephoto lens.

Changing the focal length is not just a simple cropping tool, it will also change the composition of your picture.

As you zoom in and out, or move about, you can frame your subject with different foregrounds and backgrounds. A long zoom setting, for instance, is great for framing your subject against the one bit of blue in an otherwise grey sky.

Bring a zoom lens with you

Zoom in!
Not all photo opportunities will be right in front of you. They could be miles away, so carry a telephoto zoom lens (with a focal length of 200-300mm) and look all around the horizon to identify potentially interesting images.

If you shoot sights in your home town, you have no excuse not to find the best angle – and to wait for the best light to shoot it in.

This shot of a city centre tower was shot from the same car park as the image on the previous page.

You only need a suggestion of surrounding buildings for people to get an idea of where your photo was taken.

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