How to see photos like famous photographers every time you shoot

How to see photos like a famous photographer no matter where you are

How to pick out interesting photos

How to pick out interesting photos

The key to getting good results when shooting in cities is to crop out the messy world to find clean compositions. Photos work best when you extract the abstract possibilities rather than trying to photograph the surroundings ‘warts and all’.

This photo of a chimney with its shapes and curves shows what’s possible when you look for it – we shot this from the top of a car park on the other side of the road!

How to pick out interesting photos

We just had to zoom in and wait for the sun to create shadows and for the clouds to clear from the frame. This created a more pleasing background.

Clean up city streets with long exposures
If you live in Paris or Prague, elegant nightscapes are easy to find. However, most main streets are chaotic – cluttered with people, cars and ugly shops.

You can solve the problem by shooting a long exposure and filling your scenes with light trails.

Clean up city streets with long exposures

This time of year is ideal for photos like this because it’s dark when rush-hour is in full flow. Look out for buses and trucks, as their upper lights will fill the top half of your photos with a second line of light trails.

Use a tripod and shoot on Self-timer to avoid camera shake. Shoot in Manual, using your narrowest aperture (usually f/22) with a shutter speed of 15-25 seconds.

Keep your eyes peeled for interesting shapes
Don’t always go for the conventional shot. Search for unusual photographic possibilities. Look out for reflections, silhouettes or shadows.

Keep your eyes peeled for interesting shapes

This abstract shot of a bicycle works well because it’s clutter free, fills the frame, is stripped of colour and shows an everyday subject in an interesting way.

But to find such shots you need to keep your eyes open!

Think about a subject’s Photoshop potential
Keep an eye out for photos with potential – shots that, although initially might not look all that, could be turned into little gems with some cunning Photoshop trickery.

This leafless silver birch tree stood amongst green foliage, but in colour it looked a bit lifeless, with little light or shadows.

Think about a subject's Photoshop potential

A quick black-and-white conversion and some boosted contrast later, and it’s transformed into a fine-art beauty that features lovely white tones standing proudly against a newly created black background.

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