Best studio flash kits? 6 models tested and rated

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    Proline Apollo 180/180 Twin Head Kit

    Best studio flash kit: Proline Apollo 180/180 Twin Head Kit

    Price:  £260, $400
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    Basic in the extreme, the Apollo flash heads have no proportional setting for the modelling lamps, no way to turn off the recycle beep, and a basic rotary control for adjusting output power.

    Full rotation of the power knob gives a claimed four f-stop adjustment, but fine control is difficult.

    Maximum power isn’t impressive, as you’d expect from 180Ws heads, and the maximum recycling time of three seconds is the slowest in the group.

    Build quality feels quite flimsy. There are no reflectors for the heads, so there’s light spill when using the umbrella.

    A 50x70cm softbox is supplied.

    Best studio flash kit: Proline Apollo 180/180 Twin Head Kit

    This no-frills kit includes low-power heads, a softbox and a translucent brolly

    Pros… Lightweight and easy to carry in the supplied roller case
    Cons… Feels quite flimsy, lacking in power and features
    WE say… Cheaper than some, but ultimately disappointing

    Score: 2/5

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