Best studio flash kits? 6 models tested and rated

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    Photo Basics 2-Light Educational Kit

    Best studio flash kit: Photo Basics 2-Light Educational Kit

    Price:  £360, $350
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    Aimed at beginners, this kit comes with two translucent brollies and reflectors (the light stands are quite spindly), plus a two-hour DVD video guide and a floor mat with positions marked out for where to put the lights, camera and subject.

    However, the kit is quite basic in other respects. Maximum light output is lower than the 300Ws rating would imply, and can vary a little throughout a series of shots, making subsequent images lighter or darker.

    Four f-stops of adjustment is possible via a basic rotary control. There’s no auto-dumping, and no option to turn off the loud recycle beep.

    Best studio flash kit: Photo Basics 2-Light Educational Kit

    The light stands feel a little weak, but they do have spring-loaded shock absorbers

    Pros… Instructional DVD and marked mat will help beginners
    Cons… Flash heads lack power and consistency, basic controls
    WE say… Basic apart from the DVD – you can buy better

    Score: 3/5

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