Wildlife photography made easy: simple techniques for pro-quality pictures

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    Proper wildlife photography field craft step-by-step

    The key techniques to remember when you’re trying to get close to wildlife

    Proper wildlife photography field craft: step 1

    1 Blend in
    Wear gloves and a hat to cover up bare skin. Avoid wearing deodorant and aftershave when you’re shooting mammals, and approach them with the wind in your face so that your scent is carried away. If your lens is pale-coloured (like the one above), fit a camouflage lens cover.

    Proper wildlife photography field craft: step 2

    2 Use natural cover

    Don’t walk directly towards the animal. Use a zig-zag approach and use trees and rocks as cover. Keep a low profile to avoid breaking the skyline, as otherwise your outline will be distinctive. Make sure your camera is switched on and set up, so you don’t have to fumble at the controls.

    Proper wildlife photography field craft: step 3

    3 Carry a bag hide
    Lightweight and easy to pack, a bag hide enables you to quickly conceal yourself in the field. Simply throw one over you and your camera gear to break up your shape. Bag hides are loose fitting and feature a small window that you can use to push your lens through.

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