Live View: how to use it on any camera… and when to turn it off

    | Photography Tips | 11/02/2013 16:00pm

    Go remote with Live View

    Triggertrap review: use your smartphone to control your camera

    Manufacturers are now starting to make wi-fi technology available to DSLR users either via an optional dongle or in the case of the Canon EOS 6D, a built-in unit.

    One of the main advantages this brings is the ability to control the camera remotely via a smartphone, and with the camera’s live view enabled the scene can be seen on the phone screen.

    This is extremely useful for wildlife photographers who need to be able to trip the shutter from a distance.

    PAGE 1: What you see using Live View
    PAGE 2: When to use Live View and when not to use Live View
    PAGE 3: Using Live View – what you need to know
    PAGE 4: Go remote with Live View


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