Live View: how to use it on any camera… and when to turn it off

Live View: how to use it on any camera... and when to turn it off

Using live view – what you need to know

How to use manual focus in Live View - step 3

Once the camera is on a tripod all you need to do is flick the switch, rotate the dial or press the button that starts the live view feed and you’re ready to compose the image on screen.

You can, of course, opt to use the camera’s autofocus system to get the subject sharp, but the real beauty of live view on a DSLR is that you can use it to help you focus manually with extreme precision.

Your digital camera’s manual will explain how to enlarge the on-screen image, but it’s often just a question of pressing the button marked with a magnifying glass icon and using the navigation buttons to scroll around the image and see the most important part of the subject.

Then, use your lens’s manual focus ring to get that point sharp. Afterwards, zoom back out to double-check the composition and take the shot.

Because it allows such precise focus, live view mode is especially useful for macro photography as depth of field is very restricted and it’s important to focus at exactly the right point.

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