Master your camera’s autofocus: which AF points to use and when to use them

Take control of your camera's autofocus: which AF points to use... and when to use them

How to fool your autofocus – and why you should do it

How to fool your autofocus - and why you should do it

Unlike One Shot AF mode, which locks the focus setting as soon as autofocus is achieved, AI Servo AF mode automatically tracks moving targets, from kids and pets at play to racing cars or roaming wildlife, adjusting the focus as necessary up to and including the moment when the shot is taken.

It’s tempting to manually select a single AF point that corresponds to the position of the moving target within the frame, but this often demands an incredibly steady pair of hands and an almost superhuman panning technique.

Switch to the Auto Select AF Point (multi-point) setting when using Canon’s AI Servo AF or AF-C on Nikon and Pentax cameras, and the camera will initially focus and track moving subjects using only the central AF point.

the target strays from the centre of the frame, alternative AF points will be automatically used as necessary, so the camera can continue to track its movement.

PAGE 1: What your camera’s autofocus points can do for you
PAGE 2: Making the most of your range of AF points
PAGE 3: When to use your different AF points
PAGE 4: How to choose the best AF point
PAGE 5: How to fool your autofocus – and why you should do it


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  • Alvin Fong Jian Shern

    How do u shoot on full figure shot with a blurred out background (bokeh)
    F2.8…can it do the job?

  • Phillip Burdine

    I retired my camera for a while, discouraged with my results. This tutorial was precisely what I needed to dust it off and put it back to work.
    Thank you for excellent, easy to understand instruction and illustrations.

  • sometime when i focus, that’s focusing point to white area only..

  • Paddy

    Its given “Upper AF point – When you’re taking a landscape shot and your emphasis is on distant scenery rather than the foreground”. Are we not suppose to focus at hyper focal distance to get good depth for the landscape shown in the pic? Why use the upper most AF point?