Master your camera’s autofocus: which AF points to use and when to use them

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    When to use your different AF points

    How to use AF points creatively: Auto select

    Auto Select
    When you generally want to focus on the closest object in a scene and you need to react quickly to what’s going on around you, Auto Select is a good option. It saves potentially missing a shot because you’re too busy adjusting AF point selection, and is also good for tracking action.


    How to use AF points creatively: Central AF point

    Central AF point
    The central AF point is the most sensitive and accurate of all, so it’s great for use in very dull or extremely bright lighting conditions, when other AF points can struggle to achieve autofocus. It’s also perfect for when the main object of interest is at the centre of the frame.


    How to use AF points creatively: Upper AF point

    Upper AF point
    When you’re taking a landscape shot and your emphasis is on distant scenery rather than the foreground, select the upper AF point. This stops the camera focusing on spurious foreground objects or areas that happen to coincide with a lower AF point.


    How to use AF points creatively: Diagonal AF point

    Diagonal AF point
    Portraits usually work best when the subject is slightly off-centre in the frame. Shooting in landscape or portrait orientation, choose the appropriate diagonal AF point and focus on one of the subject’s eyes. If the face is at an angle to you, focus on the eye that’s closest.


    How to use AF points creatively: Edge AF point

    Edge AF point
    The AF points positioned at the far left- and right-hand sides of the image frame are very handy when you want to throw foreground areas into soft focus, concentrating on a more distant subject that’s positioned on one side of the frame.

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