Creative Photography: 10 tips for getting out of your comfort zone

Creative Photography: 10 tips for getting out of your comfort zone

10 quick creative photography tips, 6-10

06 Post- processing
Use the power of digital photography and image-editing software such as Photoshop CS4 or Photoshop Elements 7 and you’ll be able to create virtually any image you can think of.

Try taking a sky from one shot and using it in another, combining elements from multiple images or producing a montage. Experiment with filters and plug-ins for funky effects. If you can imagine it, chances are you can create 
it in Photoshop.

07 Scanograms
If you’ve got a scanner, use it for something other than scanning old photos and boring documents. You’ll be amazed by the range of creative images you can make simply by placing objects on a scanner.

In most cases, you’ll actually end up with a higher resolution image than your camera could create. It’s a little like making a traditional ‘photogram’, only you don’t need a darkroom full of chemicals to get great results. Some people call them ‘scanograms’.

08 Still lifes
Creating your own still-life set-up is a great way to unleash creative urges, because you’ll have more control over lighting and each element within your composition. Whether you’re using elaborate studio lights or an angle-poise lamp, you can give even the most mundane objects a new lease of life.

09 Smoke & water
The natural patterns made by smoke and water can produce striking, beautiful and intriguing shapes. Burn a stick of incense and use an off-
camera flash to capture the swirls, then use Photoshop to tweak the tones or inverse them to create a clean white background.

Try freezing the magic of a water drop splashing using a fast shutter speed and a flashgun. Both of these images can be set up in a simple home studio.

10 Try a new ‘language’
If you find yourself stuck for ideas, try looking at other art forms for inspiration – you might find that listening to jazz or reading an insightful poem does the trick. Ask yourself how you would illustrate or interpret the music or poem using the ‘language’ of photography.

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