Flash photography basics: every common question answered

    | Photography Tips | 05/02/2013 16:00pm

    Flash photography cheat sheet – what you need from a flashgun

    Now that we’ve broken down some of the misconceptions about flash photography, let’s take a look at what you need from a dedicated flashgun.

    In our flash photography cheat sheet below we’ve illustrated some of the most useful features for photographers and what you can do with them.

    Simply click on the infographic to view the larger version of this cheat sheet, or drag and drop to your desktop.

    Flash photography basics: cheat sheet of features you need from your flashgun

    PAGE 1: Common questions about flash photography
    PAGE 2: Controlling flash exposure
    PAGE 3: How to get flash in sync
    PAGE 4: Flash photography cheat sheet – what you need from your flashgun


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