Cyanotype Process: digital photography using traditional techniques

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    What you’ll need for your Cyanotype kit

    • Photoshop CS
or Photoshop Elements
    • Ammonium ferric citrate (green)
    • Potassium ferricyanide
    • Three brown bottles
    • Accurate scales
    • Mixing jug and stirrer
    • Safety gear, including goggles, gloves and an apron
    • 100% acid free cotton art paper
    • Large paint brush
    • Large tray to wash prints
    • Newspaper to cover work surface
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Clothes pegs and washing line
    • A sheet of glass or a contact 
print frame
    • Sunshine or a UV light source

    How to make your own photogram image

    How to make your own photogram image

    It’s easy to have a lot of photographic fun with this technique. You don’t have to just make exposures using digital negatives – why not place objects on your paper and use them to make an image?

    This is called a ‘photogram’ and has been a popular form of image making since photography began. Try using objects with distinct shapes – flowers, plants and lace all work well. Place the objects on the coated paper and expose them to UV light.

    How to make your own photogram image

    You’ll need to experiment with exposure times to get the best results, which may depend on the light source and density of your subject.

    PAGE 1: What is a cyanotype?
    PAGE 2: What you’ll need for your cyanotype kit
    PAGE 3: The cyanotype process step-by-step
    PAGE 4: How to make your cyanotype print


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