9 creative photo ideas to try in February 2013

9 creative photo ideas to try in February

09 Shoot portraits without faces

9 creative photo ideas to try in February 2013: shoot portraits without faces

Eye contact is often the first thing you look for in a portrait. If there’s no eye contact, it will inevitably be the face you’re drawn to.

However, you can often create photos that tell more of a story about the subject by leaving the face out altogether, and focusing instead on the small details.

Use wide apertures and selective focusing to draw attention to a scar, tattoo or other feature you want to emphasise. Get in close to fill the frame, or compose the shot so the focal point is positioned off-centre, according to the rule of thirds.

Converting to black and white will help reduce the presence of colourful clothes and scenery. Adding a dark vignette to the corners of the frame and adding some selective sharpening can also help to focus attention.

Get started today…
* A person’s hands can communicate a lot about their life and work.
* Avoid cropping a person so that the frame cuts across their neck.
* Use a macro lens for ultra close-ups, or fit extension tubes to a normal lens.

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