9 creative photo ideas to try in February 2013

9 creative photo ideas to try in February

08 Shoot winter monochrome

9 creative photo ideas to try in February 2013: shoot a winter monochrome

With clear skies, bare trees, snow and ice, winter comes ready-made for mono photography. To make the most of any snowfall in February, get up early in order to grab your shots before footprints, tire tracks and other blemishes scar its pristine surface.

Try and find a high vantage point so that you can use the white expanse as a blank canvas, picking out interesting details.

You don’t have to travel far to find an interesting subject to focus on either – views of your back garden or your car from a bedroom window are equally as suited to the minimalist monochrome treatment as a lone tree in a field.

You’ll need to be on the ball when it comes to making good exposures in the snow though. As with snowdrops, you can end up with the clean whites turning dishwater grey. Playback the image on screen and activate the exposure histogram.

If the graph isn’t humped to the right of the scale, dial in between +2/3 and +3EV of Exposure Compensation to brighten the image and take another shot, then repeat the process until the exposure is spot-on.

Get started today…
* Shoot in colour using raw, but use your camera’s monochrome setting to provide a black-and-white preview image on the screen.
* Activate your camera’s highlight alert, which will warn you of any area that will potentially be overexposed and lacking in detail.
* Clean up any blemishes in the snow using the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop or a similar piece of editing software.
* Boost the contrast using Curves and the Dodge and Burn tools.

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