9 creative photo ideas to try in February 2013

9 creative photo ideas to try in February

07 Shoot a photo A-Z

9 creative photo ideas to try in February 2013: shoot a photo A-Z

Another creative way to kick off 2013 is to try building your own photographic alphabet.

Simply shoot the individual letters as you find them‚ whether they’re on signs, car number plates, newspapers or food‚ then combine them into one image and make a framed print of it, or use the full set of letters to make your own unique fridge magnets.

For an added challenge, you could try shooting around themes, such as only shooting letters against a certain background colour, or trying to find particular letters on objects that also begin with that letter.

Get started today…
* Shoot hand-held and use wider apertures or higher ISO settings to give you fast shutter speeds.
* Experiment with wider shots – that way you can show the letters in context with their surroundings.
* Use a superzoom so you have lots of framing options in one lightweight lens.

PAGE 1: Shoot abstracts using colourful ink
PAGE 2: Shoot a winter infrared
PAGE 3: Shoot a storm
PAGE 4: Shoot in dreary weather
PAGE 5: Shoot snowdrops
PAGE 6: Shoot all four seasons
PAGE 7: Shoot a photo A-Z
PAGE 8: Shoot winter monochrome
PAGE 9: Shoot portraits without faces


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