9 creative photo ideas to try in February 2013

9 creative photo ideas to try in February

02 Shoot in infrared

9 creative photo ideas to try in February 2013: shoot an infrared

Although infrared photography is traditionally seen as a summer pursuit, you can get some fantastic results in winter too.

Although there are no deciduous leaves to reflect the sun’s infrared energy and provide the eerie glow that’s so distinctive of infrared (IR) pictures, sunlit branches, buildings and grass still look striking. The key is to shoot them on sunny days, when the sky will turn a dramatic, inky black.

You can shoot infrared images with a regular DSLR fitted with a special IR filter, however resulting exposure times are very long and hotspots – a pale ring in the centre of the picture – can spoil your images. The effect isn’t quite as distracting if you make black-and-white shots though.

If you’ve upgraded your camera over the Christmas period, why not get your old camera body professionally converted for infrared photography? Be warned: you won’t be able to undo this change.

There are many advantages of trying infrared photography this way though – you don’t need a filter, so you’ll be able to shoot handheld using low ISOs for better quality. You’ll also be able to frame shots and focus on the fly, and quickly change lenses if you need to.

Get started today…
* If you’re shooting with a filter, take a tripod, as you’ll be forced to use long shutter speeds.
* Avoid shooting in overcast and cloudy conditions, as the infrared effect won’t be anywhere near as pronounced.
* Use Live View for accurate focusing – focusing through the viewfinder can lead to blurred shots.
* Include lakes, rivers and streams in the frame to add interesting contrast.
*The image will appear red on the rear display – you’ll need to convert it to black and white in editing software later.

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