How to resize photos for web or email: a simple guide

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    What’s the best way to resize photos for web use, email or on-screen viewing? In our quick guide we show you the best method to follow.

    Current cameras deliver much higher resolution images than you need for sending as email attachments or for posting online.

    Reducing the physical size and increasing the compression ratio of JPEGs results in files with much smaller data sizes. All good photo-editing programs have tools for doing this, while retaining decent image quality.

    For on-screen viewing, it’s best to find out the native resolution of the computer monitor, TV, tablet, mobile phone or other device on which you want to display the photos.

    The aspect ratio will probably be different to that of your camera, so you may also need to crop the images to fill the screen and avoid black bars at the edges.

    How to resize photos for web or email: a simple guide

    1 Reduce the size
    In Photoshop Elements’ Image Size window, enter a new width or height in Pixel Dimensions. Tick the Resample Image box then choose the Bicubic Sharper method to retain sharpness.


    How to resize photos for web or email: step 2

    2 Compression
    Choose a moderate JPEG compression setting. After reducing the dimensions of this detailed image to 800×531 pixels, even the high quality setting generates a manageable 207k file.


    How to resize photos for web or email: step 3

    3 Cropping
    The Crop tool has some handy preset values for popular sizes of photo prints. There’s also a 16×9 preset, which works well for cropping images for widescreen TVs and computer monitors.


    How to resize photos for web or email: step 4

    4 Upscaling
    For large-format printing, enter the document dimensions in the Image Size dialog box. Select the required print resolution and use the Bicubic Smoother resampling method.


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