Car Photography: simple, creative ways to make your Toyota look like a Ferrari

    | Photography Tips | 24/01/2013 16:00pm

    Classic Car Photography: Get the look

    We tweaked the flat and dull looking raw image taken straight from the camera to give it more ‘oomph’. Here’s what we did…

    Car Photography: get the look - step 1

    This ‘straight out of the camera’ shot lacks contrast or any punch in the colours. At this stage, it only has the strength of the composition, moody sky and interesting background.


    Car Photography: get the look - step 2

    To increase contrast, the Levels sliders were pulled towards the centre of the histogram. We also decided to reduce the slight blue cast by desaturating the blue channel.


    Car Photography: get the look - step 3

    To get a moodier look we did some selective dodging and burning, creating that classic ‘vignetting’ look around the car. We also boosted the red colour using the Hue/Saturation Tool.

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    PAGE 2: Classic Car Photography: Get the look
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