How to carry a tripod: pro tips you won’t find in any guide book

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    What’s the best way to carry a tripod when out on a long shoot? Below we show you three of the best techniques every professional photographer uses, which you won’t find in any guide book.

    How to carry a tripod: pro tips you won't find in any guide book

    When you have to carry a tripod over field and glen between suitable shooting photo locations it can become a bit tedious.

    Taking your camera off your tripod and packing it away in its holdall may seem like the safest option, but as light and scenery changes, picture-taking opportunities can rear up out of nowhere.

    Having your gear ready to rumble will encourage you to take that award-winning shot.

    How to carry a tripod

    How to carry a tripod: step 1

    1 Over the shoulder

    The best way between short stops in the field. Ready to rock and roll without messing around for every composition.


    How to carry a tripod: step 2

    2 One hand carry

    Excellent for longer jaunts, or in cities where tripods are a menace. Angle the lens upwards to prevent knocks.


    How to carry a tripod: step 3

    3 Hands free

    Tackle rough terrain by tucking the tripod underneath your backpack’s front straps. Sit the lens on your shoulder.


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