Fine art landscape photography: pro camera skills for stunning scenic pictures

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    Our professional photographer’s recommended gear

    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: remote release

    Remote release
    Although I use high shutter-speeds for my sailing work, my landscape shots are almost always taken with exposures that are seconds, if not minutes, long. To do this you need to use your camera’s B (or Bulb) setting, which allows you to lock the shutter open for as long as you want. You can time these intervals with your wristwatch, or with the stopwatch on your phone, but a multifunction remote release has a built-in timer that does it all for you.

    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: 70-200mm lens

    70-200mm f/2.8 lens
    This telephoto zoom is my main lens for photographing details of sailboats, but it is surprisingly useful for shooting landscapes too. The limited angle of view allows you to pick out abstracts from the scene. The unusual thing about is that is white, rather than the more usual black, so most people do a double-take and think I’ve switched to Canon! But I bought this lens direct from a dealer in Japan, as you don’t usually see this version for sale in America or Europe.

    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: Longtime app for iPhone

    Longtime app for iPhone
    I use a variety of ND filters for my slow-shutter speed work – from Lee, Singh-Ray, B+W and others. They all cut the amount of light reaching the sensor by over 99%, so I can increase the shutter speed by up to ten stops. As you need to meter for the shot before you put the filter in place, doing the maths for working out the exposure can be a headache. Filter manufacturers provide tables, but I let this free photography app for iPhone do the calculations for me.

    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: Lenscoat wraps

    Lenscoat wraps
    These neoprene covers wrap around the legs of my sturdy Gitzo tripod, which I use with an Arca Swiss ball-and-socket head. They are sold in sets of three (£30, $50) but I just use the two. They are particularly useful for when carrying my tripod on my shoulders – but also mean the legs do not feel too cold on winter mornings.

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