Photoshop Blur Gallery: use the new CS6 filters for precise depth of field effects

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    Photoshop Blur Effects: Bokeh effects

    Use the Bokeh controls in the Blur Effects panel to get realistically soft blown highlights

    Photoshop Blur Effects: Bokeh effects

    When small bright highlights are rendered out of focus by a lens because a wide aperture has been used, the highlights usually have a soft circular shape, and stand out from the surroundings rather than being blurred into the background.

    The Bokeh controls in the Photoshop Blur Effects panel enable you to recreate this optical effect.

    Use the Light Bokeh slider to adjust the intensity of the effect, and use the Light Range control to dictate the brightness levels it will have.

    Sliding the Light Range control over to the far right of the white area, limits the bokeh effect to the brightest parts of the image. You can also adjust the bokeh colour intensity using the Bokeh Color slider.

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