Photoshop Blur Gallery: use the new CS6 filters for precise depth of field effects

Photoshop Blur Gallery: use the new CS6 filters for precise depth of field effects

Photoshop Blur Gallery Filters: Tilt-Shift Blur

Use Photoshop’s Tilt-Shift filter to recreate the in-vogue miniature model effect in just a few seconds

Photoshop Blur Gallery Filters: Tilt-Shift Blur

Lots of cameras now come with a miniaturised effect setting, and it has become a very popular way of adding impact to images, adding bands of blur to make scenes appear as if they are small-scale models.

And although it has long been possible to recreate this effect in Photoshop, it wasn’t until CS6 that Adobe introduced a filter that’s specifically designed to do so.

Originally, this effect could only be created by mounting an expensive tilt-shift lens on your camera and then using the tilt-shift mechanism to move the internal optics and manipulate the depth of field so that only a small section of the image is sharp. Hence the filter’s name.

Selecting the Tilt-Shift Blur filter brings up the now familiar blur ring onto the image along with two solid lines that outline the sharp area around the centre of the scene, and two dashed lines further towards the edge of the frame that indicate where the fully blurred area begins.

The space between these lines is the feathered area where the sharp image fades into blur. Just click and move the lines as you require.

Shoot high and stay level
The best results are created with the Tilt-Shift Blur filter when the image has been shot from high up so you’re looking down on the subject.

This creates the impression of towering above a model of the scene. You can make the effect more realistic by holding down Shift while you drag the Blur and Feather range lines around to keep them level, rather than tilted to one side.

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