Photoshop Blur Gallery: use the new CS6 filters for precise depth of field effects

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    Photoshop Blur Gallery Filters: Field Blur

    The Field Blur tool seems simple, but it’s actually very powerful

    Photoshop Blur Gallery Filters: Field Blur

    When Field Blur is selected, a black and white ring like the one you see with the Iris Blur filter is placed at the centre of the image.

    As before, the amount of blur that will be applied can be adjusted by using the cursor to roll the ring around to make more of it white or by moving the sliding control in the Blur Gallery panel.

    When the cursor is away from the ring it becomes a pin with a + next to it. Clicking the image adds new Blur rings.

    The amount of blur applied by each ring can be adjusted independently, so you can use multiple pins to create areas with different levels of blur and sharpness.

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