Photoshop Blur Gallery: use the new CS6 filters for precise depth of field effects

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    Photoshop Blur Gallery Filters: Iris Blur

    Use the Iris Blur filter to create an elliptical sharp zone that blends smoothly into a blur

    Photoshop Blur Gallery Filters: Iris Blur

    Selecting the Iris Blur filter places an elliptical marker line around the centre of your image with a black and white ring at its middle. The cursor also becomes a pin, but if you move the cursor over the black and white ring it becomes an arrow again.

    By clicking and dragging you can increase or decrease the amount of blur that will be applied. The amount of white visible represents the blur.

    Four white dots within the elliptical marker denote the part of the image that will remain completely sharp once you’ve applied the blur.

    The area between these dots and the marker line is the feathered area where the blur will be blended. The size and shape of the sharp area feather zone can manipulated by clicking and dragging the elliptical line or the feather dots – you’ll find it pretty instinctive.

    Dragging out the small white square handle on the ellipse changes the sharp/feature zone into a rectangle with rounded corners.

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