10 amazing still life photography ideas you should try right now

10 amazing still life photography ideas: use colour

10 amazing still life photography ideas, Nos. 7-8

10 amazing still life photography ideas: texture

7 Texture
Introducing texture in the digital darkroom will really help to boost your subject matter if it doesn’t have much natural detail and texture. Experiment with various grain sizes, noise filters and even with some patterned layers for maximum artistic licence.

10 amazing still life photography ideas: age stuff

Image by Ben Brain

8 Age stuff
It’s often really hard to find a prop that has both natural beauty and the patina that comes with use and age. Brand-new objects really don’t have a human element that’s visual compared with an object that’s had a lifetime’s use.

Rusting objects can work well by leaving them in a salt solution. Organic materials can really benefit from a brisk rub using an abrasive pad to give an instant age. Staining objects by brushing on cold tea and rubbing in dirt can really fool the eye. Go on, give it a go!

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