10 amazing still life photography ideas you should try right now

10 amazing still life photography ideas: use colour

10 amazing still life photography ideas, Nos. 1-2

10 amazing still life photography ideas: high and low key

3 High and low key
Not all shots need to be exposed perfectly with all the detail captured. A high-key effect bleaching out the highlights can make the shadows in your subject come to life. Conversely, shooting low key can be just as effective.  As in this shot of the cricket balls, the lack of detail lends an air of mystery.

Black and white photography: take control of conversion

Image by Chris Rutter

4 Go mono
It’s an obvious one, but it can often be overlooked in the digital darkroom, especially when you’re working on colourful and punchy subject matter. Get into the habit of giving all your fine art shots the black and white treatment to see what works.

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