10 amazing still life photography ideas you should try right now

10 amazing still life photography ideas: use colour

Struggling for new photography projects to keep your portfolio ticking over? This time of year it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get outside and shoot. Lucky for you we’ve compiled these 10 amazing still life photography ideas you can shoot at home… for free… without getting cold. Sound good?

10 inspirational still life photography ideas that will cost you nothing

Image by Ben Brain

Perhaps the easiest part of still life photography is the actual process of setting up and pressing the shutter. The part that we all struggle with from time to time is coming up with original ideas and the inspiration – both on the shooting front and once we’re back in the digital darkroom.

Almost everything has been shot before or in some way or another, so it can get a little frustrating when you feel you’re stealing an idea you’ve seen somewhere before. Hogwash!

We all borrow inspiration from pages of magazines, newspapers and television. And quite right too! Take a look at these still life photography ideas and commit to memory some of the best creative ideas and simple rules of photo composition that should be observed while shooting fine art.

10 amazing still life photography ideas, Nos. 1-2

10 amazing still life photography ideas: mash it up

Image (and all pictures unless otherwise noted) by Ben Birchall

1 Mash it up
Twisting, bending and distorting an everyday object out of shape, or indeed creating some interesting sculptures is a powerful weapon in the fine art armoury. The process makes a really bold statement and will force you to view the resulting image with art in mind.


10 amazing still life photography ideas: symmetry

2 Symmetry
Compose with precision and frame your fine art still life with perfect symmetry for amazing impact. Quirky angles are fine for general photography, but using symmetry and balance in your fine art will really press the artistic button for the viewer.

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