Fine art photography: what you need to shoot amazing photo projects at home

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    Essential gear for fine art photography at home

    You won’t need expensive flash equipment or top-of-the-range gear to enjoy shooting fine art at home. A basic set-up of camera, lens, tripod and a few inexpensive lamps are all you need for success.

    Essential gear for fine art photography at home: tripod

    A sturdy tripod is really an essential piece of kit when it comes to fine art. It will help if your tripod centre column is detachable as you can insert it upside down and shoot much more comfortably towards the floor.

    Essential gear for fine art photography at home: reflector

    Reflectors and diffusers
    Don’t rush out and buy expensive reflectors just yet. Crunched up silver foil that’s been flattened out makes a great makeshift version. Use black card to absorb light and create shadows and white sheets of A4 paper to act as diffusers, avoiding hotspots created by the lights.

    Essential gear for fine art photography at home: desk lamp

    Desk lamps
    Buy a couple of cheap desk lamps to use as your lighting rig, or even three if you’re feeling super creative. They’re under a tenner each so they won’t break the bank. And with the correct bulb on board they make a surprisingly effective set-up.

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