DIY Photography Hacks: how to make a digital pinhole – and make it telephoto

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    How to make your digital pinhole telephoto

    How to make your digital pinhole telephoto

    Adding DIY extension tubes will give you a longer focal length…

    The distance from the sensor to the pinhole determines the focal length of the lens, so it makes sense that if you want a longer focal length pinhole lens, you need to add an extension to the pinhole body cap.

    Some inventive photographers have painted a toilet roll tube black inside, fixed that to a hollowed-out body cap, and placed the pinhole on the end.

    Black plumbing parts also work well; the parts can be fixed together using dark glue or black silicon rubber. If you own a set of extension tubes, you can simply fit your pinhole body cap to them, as we have done.

    We fixed our pinhole body cap to a 25mm extension tube, and also tried the 25mm tube stacked to a 12mm tube.

    However, as the optimal size of pinhole is determined by the focal length, the size of the pinhole ideally needs to be larger, the further away from the camera it is.

    Adapt your digital pinhole settings

    Focal lengths in relation to pinhole sizes

    45mm = pinhole size at f/150
    70mm = 0.4mm at f/175
    95mm = 0.5mm at f/190

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