Getting sharp images: every photo technique you need to know starting out

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    Best Ways To Get Sharp Images: Get a remote release

    Even though you may be using a high quality quality tripod and tripod head, every time you touch the camera you make it vibrate very slightly and pressing the shutter release can result in blur-inducing movement at exactly the wrong time.

    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: remote release

    The solution is to use a remote release to trip the shutter without touching the camera. Remote shutter releases come in two forms: cable and wireless. Cable releases are usually the more affordable option and they connect to the camera’s remote port.

    Wireless releases for SLRs come in two parts, one bit that connects to the camera (and sometimes mounts in the hotshoe) and the other that you hold and has the release button.

    Best cheap photo accessories: remote release

    Wireless releases are often the best choice because you can trip the shutter from several meters away and there’s nothing swinging from the camera that can introduce a little movement, but they tend to be the more expensive option.

    However, its worth bearing in mind that they often double up as exposure timers and intervalometers making them very useful pieces of kit. The Hahnel Giga T Pro II is a great choice and it comes in a variety of fits.

    A neat trick if you don’t have a remote release to hand is to set your camera to self-timer or exposure delay mode so that the shutter fires shortly after you press the shutter release button.

    This should ensure that any vibrations created by you touching the camera have died down before the exposure is made.

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