Getting sharp images: every photo technique you need to know starting out

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    Best Ways To Get Sharp Images: Steady the tripod

    Sometimes even though your subject is in focus and the camera is on a tripod, images don’t look absolutely sharp when you blow them up to make large prints. There are usually two explanations for this.

    The first is that the camera is actually moving very slightly during the exposure, while the second is the pesky matter of diffraction. Fortunately, it’s possible to combat both of these common photography problems and create pin-sharp images using the following techniques.

    It’s not easy to select the perfect tripod. The steadiest models that keep a camera the stillest are also usually the heaviest, and while this is fine indoors when you’re shooting still life photography or a macro scene, it’s less attractive when you’re planning to stride out across the hills to find the perfect landscape.

    As a result we are often forced to compromise a little to find a more convenient balance between weight and sturdiness. However, there are a couple of things that you can do to ensure that a tripod holds your camera still.

    The first thing is to try to avoid setting your camera up in the full force of the wind as this can whip round the tripod legs and set them vibrating. If possible, find a little shelter or create some shelter with your body.

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    It’s also a good idea to hang a weight (your camera bag is ideal) on the shoulders of the tripod to anchor it more firmly onto the ground. Some tripods even have a hook at the base of their centre column precisely for this.

    You need to adjust the length of the strap so that the bag pulls down on the tripod, but just rests on the ground and doesn’t not swing about. Any movement of the bag is likely to be translated into camera movement and that’s exactly what you are trying to avoid.

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    Some photographers also place a small mouldable weight like a beanbag over their camera or lens to held dampen down any vibrations.

    This is particularly useful when using long telephoto lenses that emphasise any movement and are more prone to catching the wind than a shorter wide-angle optic.

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