Getting sharp images: every photo technique you need to know starting out

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    Best Ways To Get Sharp Images: 02 Freeze the subject

    If the subject is stationary you can use a slow shutter speed and it will still appear sharp provided that the camera stays put (more about this later). However, if the subject moves when you use a slow shutter speed the movement will be recorded as a blur.

    The simple solution is to use a faster shutter speed, the faster the subject is moving, the faster the shutter speed needs to be.

    Sports Photography Tips: when to switch to manual focus

    When photographing sports like football, cycling or hockey a shutter speed of around 1/500sec can be fast enough to freeze a player’s body, but the fastest moving parts such as their legs or the hockey stick may still be blurred and an even shorter exposure time is required.

    Using fast shutter speeds to get sharp images means using a higher sensitivity (ISO) setting and/or opening up the aperture to let more light in.

    Many photographers’ natural inclination is to avoid raising the sensitivity setting, but provided that you avoid the very top values most DSLRs these days produce decently sharp images, and a bit of noise is usually much more acceptable than a badly blurred image.

    If you decide to open up the aperture, you need to be super-precise with the focusing as the depth of field will be restricted and less of the image will be sharp.

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