Adobe Lightroom 4 review

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    Adobe Lightroom 4 review: Performance

    Adobe Lightroom 4 review: Performance

    Adobe Lightroom 4’s editing tools don’t match Photoshop’s. It can’t layer images, 
for example, and while it can carry out localised adjustments to colours, tones, clarity and more, it doesn’t offer precise selections as such.

    Its tonal and colour enhancement tools are quick to apply, effective and easy to undo. It’s very good at enhancing specific colours or colour ranges, carrying out black-and-white conversions and curves adjustments.

    Lightroom 4 incorporates Adobe’s automatic lens correction profile, and the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter tools are very quick and useful.

    If your main interest is making the most of your photographs, rather than combining images in montages and applying special effects, you won’t mind that its editing tools are more limited.

    This makes Adobe Lightroom 4 a genuine alternative to Photoshop, but you can’t rule out the possibility that you might still need Photoshop (or Adobe Photoshop Elements 11) for certain jobs.

    Adobe Lightroom 4 review: the interface in detail

    Adobe has made some improvements to the interface with Lightroom 4. Take a look at our cheat sheet below where we illustrate some of the key features to consider.

    Click on the infographic to expand the file, or simply drag and drop it to your desktop to read the larger version.

    Adobe Lightroom 4 review: the interface in detail

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