12 wedding shots every bride wants (and how to get them)

Best wedding shots: the beauty shot

Best wedding shots: the bride & groom

Best wedding shots: the bride & groom

One of my favourite parts of the day is capturing bride and groom portraits. I like to give the couple the opportunity to have 15 minutes on their own away from their guests and aim to take natural images which convey love and happiness rather than endless posed images.

To get these types of wedding shots I will often shoot from a distance and from different angles to create interesting compositions.

I like to get the couple to look at each other, talk and be themselves and I find to do this they need space. A 24-70mm lens gives enough scope to get a variety of images in a quick and efficient manner.

Look for natural window light indoors and avoid harsh sunlight outside which produces harsh and unflattering shadows, opt for open shadow.

I always use my hand to see exactly where the light is falling at any given time.

PAGE 1: Best wedding shots – the venue
PAGE 2: Best wedding shots – the details
PAGE 3:Best wedding shots – the dress
PAGE 4: Best wedding shots – the beauty shot
PAGE 5: Best wedding shots – the boys
PAGE 6: Best wedding shots – the first look
PAGE 7: Best wedding shots – the big entrance
PAGE 8: Best wedding shots – the guests
PAGE 9: Best wedding shots – the bridge & groom
PAGE 10: Best wedding shots – the children
PAGE 11: Best wedding shots – the first dance
PAGE 12: Best wedding shots – the after party


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