12 wedding shots every bride wants (and how to get them)

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    Best wedding shots: the big entrance

    Best wedding shots: the big entrance

    The bride walking down the aisle is a great opportunity to capture natural reactions from the groom and the guests.

    I try not to use flash and compensate by using a high ISO setting, usually around ISO 800 and a wide aperture.

    Flash can sometimes be overpowering and spoil the moment but sometimes the room will be too dark or your equipment may not handle low light well. In this instance I would bounce the flash off the ceiling or wall.

    Also watch out as the colour temperature can also be difficult to balance inside especially is there are lots of artificial lights and the images may need adjusting in post production.

    Turning the images black and white can be an easier solution and very suitable option especially if you have noisy images from a high ISO.

    PAGE 1: Best wedding shots – the venue
    PAGE 2: Best wedding shots – the details
    PAGE 3:Best wedding shots – the dress
    PAGE 4: Best wedding shots – the beauty shot
    PAGE 5: Best wedding shots – the boys
    PAGE 6: Best wedding shots – the first look
    PAGE 7: Best wedding shots – the big entrance
    PAGE 8: Best wedding shots – the guests
    PAGE 9: Best wedding shots – the bridge & groom
    PAGE 10: Best wedding shots – the children
    PAGE 11: Best wedding shots – the first dance
    PAGE 12: Best wedding shots – the after party


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